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Construction materials price comparison

  Construction material shop
ProductHomerBauhofK-RautaEhituse ABC
Rock wool lambda 35-36 100mm*m334.0539.6241.5447
Glasswool slabs 37 100mm*m327.0332.2539.8246.5
Glasswool roll 40 100mm**m320.7326.7231.7235
EPS60 facade - 100mm*m345.3355.455866.5
EPS80 - 100mm*m352.5558.3267.379.8
Beam 50x50*jm0.660.921.171.1
Terrace board brown 28x95*jm1.251.851.392
Fibergum hydroisol. 14kgtk69.899161.8983
RKL 31 FACADE Isoverpakk111-148-
RKL 31tk11.9912.9114.86-
VKL 13mm Isovertk12.914.214.416.9
Skano wind barrier 12mm*tk6.497.96--
Plasterboard standard 2600*m21.572.28--
Plasterboard moistureres 2600*m22.213.12-3.81
Eterniit brown 1130x1750mmtk11.8919.1915.1917.9
Bauroc classic, stones 200mm*alus109168-159.6
Silikaat, bricks 250x120x65tk0.580.79-0.75
OSB 3 1250x2500x22mm*tk27.7531.58-34.9
PIR 30mm sauna board*tk5.755.9-9.5
Arithmetic mean price difference28%29%50%

Price comparison is made on 21.01.2019 according to website prices of each comperable construction material shop.

NB! Most of the products you can buy with cheaper price from Homer as we are using automatic discounts for quantities.

*We have used quantity discounts if the products are usually bought more than minimum quantity discount starts.